Since the University's pricing did not increase too much, our prices will stay the same for 2017!


$295 commuter tuition (includes 2 lunches)

$345 double occupancy dorm tuition (includes 6 meals)

$405 single occupancy dorm tuition (adult or student, includes 6 meals)

$10 per extra t-shirt for non-attending staff members

  • At no additional charge, we have a New Adviser Session and an Intense Track, both of which require pre-registration.
  • Unless you are just dropping off students, if you come to the workshop, you are either a commuter or an overnight guest. Anyone who meets with, waits for, chaperons or serves any other function on campus during our workshop must register as a Virginia Yearbook Workshop commuter or overnight guest. This is also the University‚Äôs policy to control who is on their campus.
  • If choosing double occupancy, adults will room with other adult advisers and share a jack-and-jill bathroom with other adults.
  • If choosing double occupancy, students will room with students and share a jack-and-jill bathroom with other students.
  • If you have an odd number of attendees, we will pair that odd person with someone from another school unless you request and pay for single occupancy dorm tuition for that person (adult or student).
  • Males and females are separated on different floors.