These courses are offered at no additional charge. It is very common for other workshops to charge extra for an Advanced Track like this one.


New Adviser Session

The New Adviser Session is a two hour course during our registration/arrival time before the official workshop begins. If you are a new adviser for the 2017-18 school year, you will want to make plans to attend and indicate your attendance on your registration form. If it has arrived, bring your 2018 yearbook kit with you; we will have a sample on hand if yours has not arrived.


Intense Track (limited space)

Ready to make BIG changes to your yearbook? This year, we are offering an intense yearbook track, which will be geared toward schools that are positioned for and/or aspire to produce the highest levels of journalistically-focused yearbooks at a competitive level and have an advanced understanding of trendy design, captions and writing. We don’t want to lose you along the way in this course, so make sure your staff has mastered the fundamentals first. Seasoned staffs with a competitive edge will get the most out of this intense yearbook planning. Following the guidelines and trends set by the two national press associations, this track will be led by nationally recognized yearbook authorities whose publication programs have been critically acclaimed. Please make sure the following applies to you; then, indicate (on your registration form) your desire for your staff to be placed in the Intense Track.

  • You and/or your editorial staff have been in the yearbook biz for at least three years.
  • You and your staff have a thorough understanding of scholastic journalism including design, writing and photography.
  • You have used or are ready to use modular design, story packaging and blended coverage in your yearbook.
  • You and your staff are dedicated to full coverage of your student body and community.
  • You and your staff are committed and willing to invest a great deal of time and energy into additional work and detail.

If you are still unsure of whether you should register for this track, speak to your representative or email or call the workshop coordinator. To manage the instructor-to-school ratio, this track will have limited registration, so sign up ASAP!