Adherence to the rules is expected, and anyone breaking or ignoring the rules will be dismissed immediately from the workshop without a refund. Please share these rules with your staff.

  1. Unless you are just dropping off students, if you come to the workshop, you are either a commuter or an overnight guest. Anyone who meets with, waits for, chaperons or serves any other function on campus during our workshop must register as a Virginia Yearbook Workshop commuter or overnight guest. This is also the University’s policy to control who is on the campus.
  2. Please wear the name tags we provide at all times and keep the parking pass in your car window to avoid towing.
  3. Please attend and arrive on time for all classes and sessions.
  4. Male and female students are not allowed together in dorm rooms without adult supervision. There are many public areas for meetings.
  5. Students who drive their own vehicles must not leave the campus during the workshop.
  6. Students must observe dorm curfews to avoid being locked out and picked up by the police. It is unlawful for a minor to be out after 11:00 p.m. in Henrico County. (Henrico County Code: Sec. 13-147-149)
  7. For the safety of all, dorm doors must not ever be propped open; an alarm will sound, and campus police will respond.
  8. Do not hold the dorm door open for anyone. People who should be in the building should have their access cards. This is a safety issue for everyone in the dorm.
  9. Advisers must monitor their students and make sure they are in their rooms and quiet at curfew.
  10. Students must adhere to their schools’ dress code. We have had issues with very revealing clothing.
  11. Students may not have in their possession or consume any alcoholic or controlled substances. This includes cigarettes. Adults may view the University's smoking policy here.
  12. Jostens and the Virginia Yearbook Workshop are not responsible for lost or stolen items during the workshop.
  13. Pulling a false fire alarm is a Class I Misdemeanor under the Virginia Criminal Code. Immediate penalties include fines up to and including $2500 and possible jail time. In addition, there is a mark on an individual's criminal record, a court appearance and probable suspension from school. (Code of Virginia, 18.2-212)
  14. Participants are liable to the university for any damage to the premises or other university property, which may be caused in whole or in part by participant’s acts or omissions. In the event of any such damage, repairs shall be made by university, and participant shall promptly reimburse the university for the repair expenses.

University of Richmond Police

Special Programs Building

31 UR Drive

University of Richmond, VA 23173

Emergency: (804) 289-8911

Non-Emergency: (804) 289-8715