Your staff will need a break and a few laughs, so join our  competitive games announced throughout the day.


You could also form a team and join our photo/video scavenger hunt competition with iTunes gift cards going to the winners. Here are examples of desired photos on the list!


☐ An unusual escort across the street

☐ Harley Davidson motorcycle (extra point for biker in photo)

☐ Sit on a fire truck with a fireman

☐ Car with student driver markings

☐ Parent of a service member (Army, Navy, Marines, etc.)

☐ Entire team jumping in mid-air pose

☐ 3 university employees doing a Charlie's Angels pose


You can also do your own team-building activities.

Advisers will have an opportunity to socialize and learn from one another each evening during the Adviser Social.

Due to the rave reviews, you will continue to post your progress for all to see in our main session room. We’ll once again host the People’s Choice Awards! As a staff, you will vote for your three favorite theme packages, and only one vote can be for your own work. The Grand Prize Winner will take home the first place trophy and a scholarship! Others will win great plant prizes for their yearbooks.