Overnight guests stay in the air-conditioned Gray Court residence hall. Except for the basement, all floors have jack and jill bathrooms. Up to four people will share a bathroom, and toilet paper is provided.

Unless single rooms are requested, advisers room with advisers, and students room with students.

There are drink, snack and ice machines in the basement.

Dorm rooms only contain furniture, and there are twin beds. There are no reading lamps, fans, toiletries (soap), linens (towels, sheets, blankets) or pillows. Every year, someone doesn’t bring bedding, so make sure your students know this.

Please let your students know that dorm rooms are not equivalent to hotel rooms, and they have only the basic amenities. The lighting, air and water temperature controls, and mattress comfort are just not the same. Most students have never been in a dorm and do not know what to expect.

You should bring

  • refillable water bottle
  • casual clothes (Please abide by the school dress code.)
  • comfortable shoes
  • hand towel, bath towel, washcloth
  • pillow, sleeping bag OR twin sheets, blanket
  • toiletries including hand and bath soap
  • rubber flip flops for shower
  • sweatshirt, sweater or jacket (cold classrooms)
  • magazines for ideas
  • scissors
  • paper, pen, pencil
  • power strip (optional)
  • memory stick
  • camera, laptop (optional)
  • 2017 yearbook
  • 2018 yearbook kit if delivered
  • AP Stylebook, dictionary, thesaurus, idioms dictionary (or find online)
  • glue sticks and tape for theme poster
  • umbrella or poncho
  • alarm clock
  • change for vending machines