Pre-Workshop Consulting Appointment

We are offering a pre-workshop staff appointment with one of our instructors on Tuesday, June 26 from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. This 15-20 minute sessions will be a chance for you to show and tell plans for your 2020 yearbook. The instructor will give you initial feedback on your work and suggest goals for you to achieve during the workshop. On our workshop registration form, indicate that you want a pre-workshop consulting appointment and select the earliest time you’re available. We will schedule these on a first come, first serve basis and believe this can make your workshop experience better than ever. After the session, your students can get settled into their rooms, explore the campus, start working on yearbook plans and/or have a nice lunch.


Additional Instructor Appointments

Throughout the workshop, schools may also register for an appointment with an instructor for feedback on their work. The sign up sheet will be in our main meeting space, the Alice Haynes Room in Tyler Haynes Commons.


To operate the instructor appointments, we require a minimum number of attendees.






Artist Appointment

Finally, you will be assigned an artist appointment to complete your 2019 yearbook cover artwork. You will see this appointment on the paperwork in your bag when you arrive at registration. Please indicate on your online registration form if you wish to have an artist appointment.